Tick – Tack

Tick – Tack Time passes, unstoppable. Time never stands, no break. Time runs, always forward, no backward. Measure time, display time. Not enough time, wasting time. Get time, give time. Take time, steal time. Enjoy time, sit down. Wasting time, fastest time. Count- Time, let time pass. Time management and timeless. Experience- Time, kill time. Daytime, nighttime children’s time, kindergarten time. Adolescence, school time. Apprenticeship, study time. Parental leave, baby leave. Working hours, leisure time and vacation time. Time out and time for two. Go, – drive, – and standing time. Local time and world time. Flight time, bedtime, mealtime and playtime. Season, Summertime, Wintertime, Autumntime and Springtime. Heyday and death. Peace and war time. Sleep time and dream time. Mardi Gras and mourning. Wedding and separation time. Day and nighttime. Analog and digital time. Warm period, cold period and ice age. Travel time and penalty time. Grill time, baking time and cooking time. Lent and Christmas. Hunting season and closed season. Rainy season and dry season. Sidereal time and light time. Time of birth and lifetime. Tick- Tack, unstoppable, forward, without stop, without pause, tick- tack, second by second. Minutes, hours and days, weeks, months and years. Tick – Tack 2020. Tick- Tack 2021 … Limits the lifespan of all living beings on our planet, also limits the lifespan of the planet itself, only the time itself is infinite. Tick Tock. Happy New Year! © ewald apperle

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