about me

My name is Ewald Apperle, I was born in Innsbruck as the oldest of five brothers.   here, a current way of looking at myself

I stayed in my homeland, Tirol, even though I stayed professionally a lot on the road. The mountains, the people and especially nature and the sporting opportunities have fascinated me since my childhood. This feeling and the thoughts when you have climbed a mountain peak, a sunrise or sunset in the mountains, a starry night sky, you can already see the mountain or mountains from where you are at home. But I also like to travel far away; my job allows me to combine work and travel wonderfully and has been for more than thirty years. All kinds of ups and downs have accompanied me in my life, but only through these experiences can you really „live“. The greatest gift for me is when you are healthy, because only then can you experience everything else.

The best experience for me is love – the ability to love, to give love and to be loved.

I have „a face“, „a soul“, „a heart“ even if I like to change a little externally, my inner values ​​always remain the same. Aging is also part of my life, as is the constant adaptation to changes, be it family or professional. For me, passion is essential for everything that is important to me, such as writing and photography, drawing and painting, hobbies, such as Motorcycling or sports activities of all kinds, the main thing outdoors, …


I am also a believer, although not in the sense that I live strictly according to church rules, but there is a lot of goodness and support in faith, even in times when things are going well, when everything works wonderfully, faith is for important to me. Reading and thinking and having my own opinion, has always been Very important to me, nothing has changed from youth to today, on the contrary, the older I get, the more intensely everything is lived and experienced. Writing is Very important to me, here I can write my inner images Feelings and thoughts from my soul, so to speak, and this means a lot to me. I am a passionate person in every way.“Never lose love, you won’t get love back, it’s like a drop in the water of a river, you can never find that drop again“! (from time of longing, time of passion, time of love, time of life).

Love gives. Love forgive. Love destroyed. Love united. Love lives. Love hurt. Love laughs and love cries. Love makes you happy and love hurts. Only love alone is immortal. © ewald apperle

Everything that happens in our lives is basically not determined by ourselves, even though we try to shape and direct our lives, but from a much higher place, God, fate, predestination, whatever we call it. It is up to us to live this life, to accept it and to find ourselves, so that we can say at the end of this life: I have lived my life, it was my destiny, I have accepted it. I’m ready to go now.  I have many wishes, dreams and goals. What comes true is not so important. The very fact that I have dreams of desires and goals is to live. © ewald apperle

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