When the meaning of Christmas was lost

When the meaning of Christmas was lost, or changed and so this visible, – and with soul and spirit perceived view and experience of the Advent and Christmas time constantly inspired me to think about what it was as a child, as it was then, how it was later and how it is today and where could it lead?

When I try to remember Christmas, the feelings of happiness, feelings of unforgettable moments, and boundless lightheartedness are in the first place. No exact details, but a huge sense of joy, anticipation of the event. Of course, also joy and curiosity on gifts, but not on certain gifts, the desire of which I would have expressed at that time already with the parents, because I that from the advertisement, (a black and white television, end of broadcast for us children after the Sandman …), or because one or one of my neighbor’s children told me that he would get this and that- No! It was just this peace, the secretiveness of the adults, the snow, the memory of the year before, of the beautiful glittering Christmas tree, of the Christmas biscuits, (from year to year, there were cookies from the shop, from the „Hauser“ – the local supplier, as it is known today, if there is one at all …, These were butter biscuits or „Prinzenrollen“, also good, but nothing against the Christmas biscuits of mum or grandma, vanilla biscuit, various forms of decorated biscuit biscuits or even a “Rumkugel” … ..). Yes, there were self-made socks, small toys and there were oranges, mandarins, nuts and chocolates! Gorgeous, now I feel like eating something. This time of bliss, as only children can experience, as I see it today at 55 – although there are still moments for me where I feel almost as I did then …. But they have nothing to do with Christmas. It was just the time of the family, the warmth, the play, the waiting and the huge anticipation of the feast.

Yesterday I read on the internet:

We give each other warmth! – Yes! We shop on the internet and order multifunctional underwear … never more “Cold” … What a message for Christmas!

But still, it is exactly the „Christmas“ of today, however, the name would probably in: „consumption Rau- (sch) night! Be renamed! The story is in a nutshell, is the story of total capitalism and the seemingly final triumph of publicity, that is, state-economic brainwashing association. The annual goal of this farce, organized under the pseudonym Christmas, is new records. Even more sales than last year on all „lines“ – in retail, grocery, internet shops in the clothing industry … etc. Unbelievable, how much most people „obey“ and get involved.

I would rather so much like to give warmth in the form of love and closeness, especially time to those whom I love, whom I like, whom I like, the meaning of actually „once“, (for me about 50 years earlier), this time fulfilled. I would like to experience it again, feel and feel, this is my greatest wish! Not to buy, not to order online, not to win, not to enforce and, unfortunately, not achievable, as long as you yourself, at least work-related in this big consumerism is involved, because the season is also the time of: I want everything and immediately! And now before Christmas!  © ewald apperle, Dec. 2017

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