New Year!

First day of the new year. What changes, what is clear? The number has changed, as many already in my life, instead of 2017, – 2018. Older by a year, I’m already before! Sure, of course. What will the new bring with it? Many would probably like to know that, some ask about the stars. Others plan the year with all sorts of things, especially celebrations and holidays and purchases fine. This year’s even better, more! Others hope for healing, for a reunion or for a new home, for reconciliation, for peace or for miracles. I wish for more time and health with every passing year. Some are no longer aware of anything, vegetate and live in the day, secretly wished, beautiful, – would it be the last. Others will not get under. New life is born on this day – on the earth, but it is also abandoned by living things. Everything is a cycle in our lives, just like a record. You start from the very outside and the „needle of life“ leads you to the middle, to the end. Sometimes the „life-pin“ is in it and it keeps repeating the same thing until a „shove“ gets you on. But sometimes the needle skips a spot, „rustling“ over many scratches. In general, the comparison, as I find no worse. Because there are singles and maxi singles or LP’s and albums, as in life, short or medium length, – or it can be quite long until the sounds end. In general, the comparison is quite good, because the music styles, as the individuals are different. You can, for example, „rock“ at „45“ – short, but excessive, or „dancing“ comfortably to a long, beautiful waltz or, as with a Maxi-Single „Rapp-end“, your life.On an LP with an opera or operetta, you can disguise yourself from title to title and slip into other roles. There are many more kinds and directions, as with us humans.But one thing is the same to us all:On the record you start outside, in large tracks. The circles are getting smaller and towards the end you think it’s much faster than at the beginning.Well, the viewing does not say anything about how it will be, the New Year, – or a bit?I, for me let it come, how it comes. Of course, I know about what I would like to achieve, at work and also privately, vacation time is also fixed and the holiday already the place because I enjoy it, feel very well-there. But one thing is clear to me: what really comes true and what happens depends only on one thing: will I stay fit and healthy?This has been the key to everything that may or may not be in a new year for some years now.Health is the most important thing to be able to experience everything else. Summary:

Life is like a record. The playback speed is adapted to the type of record. The genre is chosen as well as the format. Once hung up, she turns in a circle, up and down, back and forth, scratches and „hangers“ on her way to the end. © ewald apperle Jan. 2018

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