Holiday, Christmas and turn of the year

To make holidays over Christmas, as you look forward to it. Of course, I’m also looking forward to the holiday over Christmas – New Year, on the one hand, because finally the madness in the workplace ends for a while. (It is believed every year that everything is over at Christmas, if not everything is completed or delivered or whatever is done). Finally, the twenty-fourth has arrived! After all, I have no stress with the consumerism, because at Christmas nothing is given to us, except little things for grandchildren and children. There’s no Christmas tree, too – maybe again, if grandchildren were with grandma and grandpa over Christmas … Afternoon still visits with mother and mother-in-law, as well as an invitation with one of our children, to the announcement, to be there together with the grandchildren in the early evening. This is truly a beautiful moment, the joy of the grandchildren, the tree, the unpacking of the gifts – their own memories. Around eight o’clock at home, small dinner – living room and couch. Gorgeous! Everything quiet, no shouting, no visit, no work with set the table, clearing away and guest services, all four of them stretches in the warm living room and tradition indulge in watching a particular Episode of a television series, in a satirical, but lifelike way the „normal Christmas madness „of a family from a Viennese community building, is represented perfectly and ironically funny.DVD player on and off you go, a few biscuits, a glass of wine and then to bed – relaxing for me, pleasantly beautiful.The next two, family holidays, traditionally with visits and return visits with dinner invitations, lunch and coffee and cake in the afternoon.I do not feel that as stress, because you are prepared, you know what’s coming up and it’s also fun.In the evenings, enjoy a couch, TV or music, reading – trying to switch off.I’m really looking forward to skiing too, as I used to go skiing many times before Christmas, but, on reason that the Advent season has gone from the quietest time of the year to a hectic time this is only partly the case.Logically, on the third day of skiing in the car, so only ten minutes to the ski area, the snow this year a dream and the weather and go.It’s real busy, but at the first parking lot, where you have to walk the furthest on foot, a parking lot was great!Put on ski boots, which at unusually high temperatures, yesterday still snowfall at minus three degrees, today plus 9 degrees at eleven o’clock in the morning and cloudless sky with bright sunshine, in and of itself exhausting with the warm ski wear, – I sweat.Finally, on the lift and off in the air. Beautiful view and pure sunshine, as in March I think so with me.To reassure my thoughts on this „erratic“ weather comes to me constantly and everywhere Pronounced: „that’s always been there,“ in mind, although if I remember so back, it was certainly not so „grass or short term“ like today, but the answer of one of those „knowers“ would be anyway: there you just cannot remember …At the top, a brief meeting with my wife and for the first time down from the middle station. It’s fine, even very good! I think with me. Skiing is one of the things, once learned and like me, exercised more, or less since the age of three – that you never forget.Great track, super groomed, artificial snow base and natural snow on it, that did not exist before, I certainly remember that.Up again and down the slope again, then all the way up to the “Alpjoch”*. There they have built a meaningful terrace, with wonderful views of the mountains and valleys, wonderful blue sky, not even the too many airplanes supposedly do not pollute the sky, – there are no contrails to see. (It’s madness, what comes down from the top of dirt from the aircraft, but you do not talk about it!) This aircraft industry lobby and the economic interests go far beyond the environment, – climate protection and the highest good, namely the life of man, animal and plants out.From the top the planes, on the ground the heavy traffic, of course also the individual traffic, (which is represented as the main causer, logically here does not exist really a lobby and finally somebody, best the mass for all that has to pay …).In the European Union, it is only recently, one imagines, equaled the health of the people! With the free movement of goods! Madness, such an advanced union – unbelievable.Incredibly stupid and irresponsible! And backward!Such a union is suspect to me and in no way. Corresponds to my ideas of humanity, progress and future. All of these thoughts, while we enjoy the air, the sun, and the world, so clean and clean at the moment, in a wooden couch, before it rises again. Up and down a few more times, at this time of the year the sun is so deep in the early afternoon that it gets shady early on the slopes, which I do not like so much, and that’s why it’s still in the bottom station, in the umbrella bar on a soft drink, enjoying the last rays of sunshine that still exist down there. Afterwards home, a nice day, my wife and I agree. Make a cozy evening, relax – this is a holiday, yes you can switch off.Nevertheless, I always have critical thoughts about the present, because we already have three grandchildren, who also have a secure future and an intact environment, who are entitled to the same as we had and have, but we must always be aware of it Being just a guest on this earth and as a guest you do not destroy the „room, the house“ you lived in, it does not belong to you and therefore you are careful. We do not just have to talk about sustainability, environmental protection and saving resources – we must have to live it!Enjoying this wonderful world, but always thinking of it and living it so that it will be preserved for future generations, is worth living for! © ewald apperle

Alpjoch, Imst Tirol


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