Driving in 2018

Among other things, this year I decided to travel by car without stress. In my job, in the field, this is not always so easy. There are appointments and unexpected ways, … After more than thirty years working on the streets now, the realization that speeding does not help, except now and then fines and even more often unhealthy trouble. After the first three weeks of this realization with the car on the road I must admit that in addition to the fact of a very low fuel consumption and truly relaxed driving yet unimagined friendliness of the other road users reveal themselves to me. I am greeted often with the light on and dimming-down, clearly visible in the rear-view mirror, which I feel as very attentive. Greetings with raised middle finger or pointing with the index finger to the brain of the Greetings shows me, I was lying Right- and my cleverness is confirmed with it. I’m just sorry if I then these friendly- Welcoming road users in passing, stopped by our friends and helpers with open „Börserl and is nothing S-budget“ (… with an open purse and that is not cheap …), or discussing and gesticulating. For the friendliness-actually an injustice, but that’s the way it is life. © ewald apperle

Reichsbrücke Vienna 24.01.2018 (C) Ewald Apperle

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