A stone with the inscription Time

During the hike yesterday in beautiful nature, a few hours before the winter showed again that he is still there, my wife finds on the way a stone with a painting and the inscription time. I’m always ready to take pictures and such a motive, I think, would make a good photo and I could write down a few thoughts later.

This morning, on Sunday, I look at the footage from yesterday, see my website and come across this photo. Immediately I have countless thoughts in my head and so I open a blank document and start to write these lines.

I have questions in my head, like: Did someone lose the „Stone of Time“? Or has someone deliberately deposited time so to speak – ready for a finder? Or should this be „a stumbling block“ to think about? The latter has „worked“ with me, as you can read.

Time. I’ve always wondered about that, how sure everyone was, especially on occasions like birthdays, death days, New Year’s Eve, public holidays, etc. Especially the term time has to do with work for me: working time etc., – that’s flexible with me or customer-oriented, date-oriented, success-oriented, maximized, optimized … Time is money, it is said in the working world.Time. Leisure. That’s the time between working hours? Vacation time. This is the time spent in free time, outside working hours. Out. This is the time in which one takes time away from work, free time, vacation, time.The answer is not that easy! And above all, not applicable to everyone. That’s why there are so many „helpers“ for us humans today to deal with the time RIGHT. Time management is important! Counselors are endless, for reading, listening, writing for learning in their own seminar!Did we humans lose the sense of time or time?There are two cats living in our household, they have been with us for 10 years without knowing the time and the clock, but they know exactly when it’s time for breakfast or dinner, when it’s time for petting or combing or to go out and doze. Sometimes I envy the two about how naturally such a day is timed, without a calendar and a clock. Good, you cannot compare, – But! The sense of time of animals is still fascinating.Actually, I did not want to go so far in my thoughts, wanted to stay with myself, at my own „time“.Personally, the time is entertaining, whether in the working hours or leisure. It goes by way too fast for me. This is a feeling in me that the older I get, the more it comes out. Time. Give time to hear often today. Giving time is a great gift, you bestow a loved one with time. Either you give her or him time, a meal, wellness days, etc., this time she can enjoy, then in her, his free time. Or one pays time together with the dear person and can then spend his free time with the free time of him, her together for example. enjoy in a break. You also give yourself time.It’s complicated! But for me, I certainly come to the conclusion that you can live and live time, in this time, has time for yourself, time for family, time for the time.My first book has the title: Time of yearning. Time of passion. Time of love. Time of lifeUnconsciously I chose this title two years ago, because that’s the way it is. Time in time or different times in time – in the lifetime. How much time of working time, free time, time, etc. is ultimately irrelevant. Time for humans begins with birth and ends with death, and in between is the lifetime with all its possible „downtime“. What remains is a hyphen at the tombstone, lived by: xx.xx.xxxx – xx.xx.xxxx.Until this note is in most after a certain time forever „timeless“. © ewald apperle

"Zeitstein am Wegesrand"
(C) Ewald Apperle

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