From the night into the day

From the night into the day, that’s the time I like the most. Birds welcome the light with their singing and I too set myself in motion. Put my clothes on and out at the door, whether in the city or in the country. Silence, calm and the approaching sunrise let my thoughts wander into the distance. The eyes feast on the new, fresh green and the flowers and new buds. Spring. The ears are listening to the singing and the twittering, and I too begin to whistle softly while I go. I feel fine, it gets brighter and brighter, a new day, what he may bring? My appointments are planned and considered, but what happens in between, what happens unexpectedly or what I get to see is still the day’s secret. I look forward to this day, no matter what he may bring, when in addition to the sun shines and warms the hearts of all and bring joy of life. Every day I admire nature, never get enough of it and thank God for experiencing it. The sun comes out, I feel its rays on my skin, a feeling of warmth and bliss so familiar. Now the day has finally come, the darkness has gone, the shadows of the night past. A new day, a new beginning, a new experience, new opportunities and opportunities. A new day best filled and lived with love, for two hearts is a day and happiness then twice as nice. © Ewald Apperle


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