Born of you, I came to this world. Grown up under your tutelage, I could always come to you if I wanted, needed your help or just so. You certainly did not always have it easy with me.  55 years old I am already old, even father and grandpa and once again I come, or I am with you because my life is at another crossroads and I do not really know if and how it goes on. You accept me as the one who I am without reproaches, without questions. So is your mother’s heart, always there for me, for your children and grandchildren, worried and helpful. To be „grateful“ to yourself, seems to me too little! With these lines I would like to tell you how much I appreciate you as a mother, as a person and in a certain way as a „friend“! Not only because of the upcoming Mother’s Day I write this, but because just life, my fate in these days once again turns everything upside down. As long, as you live I am not afraid, because I can be sure of your help, only when you go one day I am alone. I do not want to think about it and I always repress this idea with passion. I have come to this earth with my mother and with a mother I will go back to earth. I can only wish everyone to have such a mother as you. These lines come from the bottom of your son’s heart. © ewald apperle


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