Damn it!

It’s 4:00 pm, at the end of May I’m sitting there with a bottle of wine and pouring myself the next glass while I’m drinking. „I’m thinking and not because only sadness is speaking out of me.

Alone with thoughts, feelings and far from love. The past ubiquitous and filled with memories of melancholy, chest pain, beautiful memories of the chest, but also of pain, injuries and promises that never lasted.

But the time was nice despite all the shadows, the time we had was beautiful. Why it was not enough, why it did not last, why did it happen? I am already dazed by the wine.

Questions from the We to which you already gave your answer. Come with us two, finally you are, I’m free again! I’m not mad at you, not at me or at us. Life is so short, too short not to forgive, not to regret. Until now you have been in my life plan until my demise omnipresent and anchored in my thoughts.

Farewell, I wish you the very best! Wish you luck and everything that was not granted to me! Wish it with all your heart and soul. Although we move away from each other over time, it is so lonely without you for me. It will take a long time to overcome all this as we have done and experienced a great deal together.

Losing a part of yourself is not easy and it hurts so much. I’m grateful for the lifetime with you, as long, as I live the memory lives in me. I wish you the very best!

Damn, everywhere traces of you, of us, no matter where I drive, where I am. Damn, we did so much together and looked and had so much in mind.

Damn it! It hurts, it will continue to be so for a long time because we have undertaken and experienced so much together. We lived this time.

Hello Darkness, my friend, we have gone back together again for an uncertain time, until the light takes its place again, until then I have a lot to tell you. © ewald apperle May 30, 2018


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