You are in thoughts in our cabin with me. Our cabin is located on the edge of a beautiful, natural mountain meadow, surrounded by trees. The herbs in the meadow smell and a variety of flowers bloom, in the air the hum of bees and you can hear crickets chirping. I lie in a deckchair on the small terrace in front of the hut with my eyes closed, you too are lying next to me, our hands intertwined. We have closed our eyes, feel the sunbeams on our skin and apart from the „making music“ of the insects, we only can hear, the sound of the little booklet that meanders through the middle of our meadow. We just kissed each other and told each other that we love each other. I feel your pulse, your closeness and warmth. It’s so reassuring for me, I’m so happy when you’re so next to me. It’s like in paradise, you, this beautiful nature, our little hut, the hearts in harmony, the deep affection, the understanding and the love filled with tenderness and passion. What luck I have, that I know you, that I can be with you and love you. Later, I think so with me, I will continue to work on my book, once I enjoy your closeness and togetherness. When I open my eyes, I see how wonderful you have decorated everything in the house, on the terrace and the feast of the garden. I was able to help you find where a man’s hand was necessary, but everything else you did so lovingly and skillfully. As I love you I still think, then I fall asleep. I feel your soft hands in my face, kisses on the cheek. I open my eyes, what am I seeing there, Paul is working on me, our cat has pawed me with his paw and then tried to kiss me, which I do not like so much. Meanwhile I fell asleep, I dreamed, a dream again and again, from us. I am anxiously and impatiently waiting for you to really stand beside me, holding you in my arms and kissing you. (Text Fragment – Excerpt, from my second published book: „Sea of ​​longing“ © ewald apperle 2018)


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