First Advent

First Advent, a candle burning, sad for me Advent begins. Alone in the candlelight, a lot of time to ponder and ponder. It is pleasantly warm and yet I am freezing. I cook for myself by candlelight. Christmas music is played on the radio, the joy and happiness are sung about. It is talked about silence and the quiet time. Oh, yes, I’m still, but not calm. Work a lot, like every year, because everyone still needs so much and wants to finish the year. It is still, still, because nobody is there. So, I talk to the cats, tell them about the Christ child and that’s coming soon. I even invented a Christmas fairy tale, it’s about cats, I already told them, but Actually I wrote it for the grandchildren.

Eaten and tidied everything, now a little bit in the living room, including the cats on the couch. In front of the TV, as always, I’ll doze off a bit, trying to get away from work. Dream me of loneliness in a world of harmony and twosome. I have it beautiful in the thoughts in my head, the purring of the cats, the trotting with their paws. I wake up again, the togetherness only dreamed, it is quiet, only the cats purr.© ewald apperle


Eine Antwort zu „First Advent”.

  1. Lieber Ewald, deine Gedanken sind so schön und genauso traurig, doch spiegeln sie diese Zeit, ich wünschte mir eine Katze zum streicheln und schnurren, wie glücklich du dich schätzen kannst, bitte verzeih, ich beneide dich gerade sehr, mag deine Texte und Fotos, wünsche dir einen schönen Advent, liebe Grüße Liz.

    Gefällt mir

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