Advent, the 3rd …

Advent, the 3rd small light burns, on the radio again Christmas music sounds and me the advertising sprinkles like the snow when looking out the window. Time is running out, it is not long, I have not got any presents yet, I’m afraid. It’s cold outside, as a glance at the thermometer shows, but there’s no fire inside me, no warmth. Christmas time, happy time it sounds from the Christmas radio. Actually- although alone, I am in a good mood and for the heat I have a tiled stove, which I will heat up now. My thoughts seem synchronized with the ticking of the clocks, almost every second of every possible thought Chases through my head. I still have so much to do and Tomorrow starts again a week, a week packed with appointments, everything still needs to be done before Christmas until Christmas – Deadline, as it’s called in German and Sales and the „Figures“ must fit and for next year’s strategy and sales targets. Private goals, own and family? I feel like it almost crushes me, as every year to this „quiet time“, feel already that the body is also tired. It is often the case that when the weight drops, the body takes a „break“, says: now I’m sick, I want to rest. The mind says that’s right and good, but not in the few free Time we have, but not then! A sip of coffee, the fire has arrived, but it does not crackle, because, with pressed wood chips, there is no crackling, anyway, even the sight of the fire is good enough and gives heat. Should I do something in the household right now, or should I handle the open, company-specific tasks, or do both and in which order? But I would also like to go out into nature, it is snowing, and it is Advent time and Sunday and Christmas is coming. But by Christmas everything should be done! Then, if my body plays along, my mind can switch off, after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve, – yes then!© ewald apperle


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