Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, the feast of love, the feast of joy. The anniversary of the birth of our Savior will be celebrated today, on 24.12. For a long time, this festival, like many others, has become a victim of consumption and economic interests. Gifts are the most important thing, are already in the foreground with the children, which is not surprising, it is, however, lived them and permanently suggested on all media.Give as a gift! Give love – yes! Give time – yes! Have mercy on the poorest – yes! Give help and attention, understanding-yes!These „donations“ are probably much closer to the origin of the celebration, or the real meaning of this celebration.Giving feelings a smile, giving warmth and getting warmth is probably the biggest wish they have for many people. People who are all alone, people who are sick. People who do not have a roof over their heads. People who forget about our society.I am also alone today, alone with my thoughts and feelings. It’s good, so I remember all those who are not as well as I am. This makes the meaning of Christmas more conscious. In humility I commemorate this evening and in gratitude for everything I have already received from life. Jesus came to this world to redeem us, to show us the way, love and peace, instead of hatred and war. Giving is greater than taking. He showed us that in love lies the whole power of men.Humanity, these days give a much, spoken word and actions, such as donations, food and shelter are the order of the day. Of course, this is extremely commendable and yet it is usually only a guilty conscience, or is also the self-representation, a temporary humanity, which finds no later than the return of everyday life to an end. I myself do not take it from me! In order to escape the commercial, it requires a daily „self-knowledge“ in terms of their own social, human behavior.I have the Christmas night this year for myself alone, can devote my thoughts to the origin analogously, although it is more beautiful, to celebrate Christmas within a family, friends and especially with people whom one loves.© ewald apperle


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