My soul, without anchor in the labyrinth, of dreams and hope, in the labyrinth of life. At the entrance of the maze the birth. Seeking my soul wanders through life. My mind full of thoughts of liberation and belief in freedom, yet my body and mind are trapped in the reality of existence. Again, and again beautiful, short times of weightlessness and inner balance, complete satisfaction, the feeling of love and immeasurable happiness. After many years of wandering, the realization and acceptance of my way without self-pity, without resentment and without blame. Humility in suffering and in joy. Life, love and suffering, caught in the time of my wanderings. Silent, the cries of disillusionment and mute the cries of short moments of happiness. Mute time passes. Dreams, faith and hope as a companion to the end. At the exit from the labyrinth of life, is the death of the body. But the soul is immortal, the soul when freed from the body knows no time, only eternity. © ewald apperle

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