Valentine’s Day & Co.

Valentine’s Day a celebration for the economy – an important day?
There is no special day of love. Love, if it becomes real and pure every single day in you. The one you love, every day with words and gestures show and feel that you love one. A smile, a look and you get back love. You cannot buy these gifts of love, not a day, so I tell you, no matter what day, that I love you and I like you very much. Without you, all the days would be gray and not beautiful at all, I’m looking forward to seeing you again, then I can give you love and the feeling of us. © ewald apperle

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Schriftsteller, Hobbyfotograf, Naturliebhaber, Sport, Musik, leidenschaftlich in Allen was ich tue ... Writer, amateur photographer, nature lover, sports, music, passionate in everything I do ...

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