In the flow of time

In the flow of time. March again. Really? or just a joke? Another spring is about to move into the country. How wonderful such a spring is, you experience more intensively the older you are, for me the fifty-seventh spring and no trace of fatigue. The warmth of the March sun fills the body and mind with delight. But I also feel sadness deep inside of me, the time it flows so fast, I feel. Melt away the time literally does, in no time and she is running out, I catch myself thinking. Yes, the flow is getting faster and faster, were once obstacles, or even wide and shallow sections in the flow of time, the flow seemed almost slow, peaceful and infinite. Now, after so many years of the river of time, seeming faster and with a steep gradient, like a wild river, time is rushing and roaring toward a high waterfall, unstoppable and inevitable to the abyss. So many shores still to explore, so much sun and happiness still on the way, but also sadness and tears steadily feed the flow of time. How much of the flow remains? Right now, I’m enjoying a rosebush that’s doing it, it’s a treat. Everything in the flow, everything in time, like fifty-six times before. © ewald Apperle

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