At the table, at dinner …

Music, a piano I hear in the foreground, it fits, the music suits my thoughts wandering into the distance, while my eyes stick to a picture on a red wall. A hand on beer glass, in the head thoughts of a us. The music is not sad or elated, but it fits, it is like the melody of life, like the flow of time. I sit alone at a table for four people, listen to the melody and think of you, think of love. Another sip, my gaze wanders to a couple, two tables on, they talk, drinking both beers. I keep listening to the melody. I think a beautiful, expressive musical instrument with me and dream further of a We.

While the music flows through my ears like a funnel into my brain, inspiring me, making my thoughts fly, I realize that I’m not lonely at all, even though I’m sitting alone at the big table. You are here, here with me in my heart, in my thoughts, even in this beautiful music of life you are, pouring into my head with the sounds, flying there together with me into a world in which we sit opposite each other At this table, we smile, talk and drink, just like the couple at the next table. The melody is still going on as I write these lines. She is beautiful, the melody and long – forever almost, as well as the yearning in me, the yearning for you. I think of you, think of us, a small smile on my face. Beautiful, she is, the music, these thoughts and the light. © ewald apperle 2018


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