Lonely, I sit at the bar, drink a small beer and think. It’s true! No, I do not dream that, a voice speaks from within me. My life, everything that happened so far, everything I experienced ‚all the year‘, everything, actually- happened, everything was. Despite a lot of negatives and downs, living life is wonderful. After all, the hours of joy and contentment are like spring, sadness and sorrow surpass, life is the essence. However, a bit of sadness must be, I think and tell the host, give another one. As I think and ponder, I order another beer, dreaming that you are here with me, I would not be lonely, looking into your face, listening to your words and laughing with you. In my thoughts I give you a kiss. Now I pay, go to bed, for today is over, though certainly, tonight, I think of you all the time. © ewald apperle


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