First snow.

First snow. In mid-November, it started to snow. Snowflakes initially wet and heavy, barely arrived on the ground, already destroyed. The wind brings more, cold and the flakes are more crystalline and lighter, now float towards the earth, for radiant children’s eyes a real blessing. Snow lies down on the ground like a big cloak. It mutes people’s hurry and rush and all the sounds for quite a while. It covers mountains, forests and meadows and people roads and houses, everything is quiet, everything is quieter. The world is now dipped in pure white. Clean and pure, … (excerpt from: Sea of yearning, ISBN 978-3-7103-3957-8 appear 30.01.2019 United PC © ewald apperle)


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Schriftsteller, Hobbyfotograf, Naturliebhaber, Sport, Musik, leidenschaftlich in Allen was ich tue ... Writer, amateur photographer, nature lover, sports, music, passionate in everything I do ...

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