November Rain.

November Rain. Incredibly heavy is this November rain. As hard as the feeling when I hear nothing from you. As the rain knocks on slices, my heart beats in the same rhythm. It is dark and cold outside, the wind whipping the rain. Deep in me I feel the cold and it is not light, cold surrounds my heart, it is hard to love so much. The thoughts dark and confused, as the wind whirls the wet leaves through the air, I miss you, I miss your closeness, a kiss, your scent! I feel abandoned like in a tomb. It rains incessantly and it is black the night, just want to know how you are, how it is about our love.My thoughts do not want to obey, are up and down in the storm. I want to tell you … (Excerpt from the book Sea of yearning, ISBN/EAN978-3-7103-3957-8, currently only available in german © ewald apperle)


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