Soul 2019

Soul 2019. I do not want to look back and write down an imagined forecast for the coming year. All the statistics, events and events of the high society that are offered by the media in the last days of the year do not want to be served warm up. I don’t care. Resolutions, price increases and innovations for next year are of no interest to me here and now. I write these lines in one day in 2019 and I write about the state of my soul, without looking back and looking ahead, without statistics and without make-up. What about my soul I think it’s all right, yes, in the moment, there is no emptiness, no pressure, not much pain, it’s the way it is, the way I live it – more or less. My thoughts are also positive and not a grudge. I already miss other souls whose company I like and love. A smile on my face tells me that one of these souls is thinking of mine and is giving me warmth. I live with body and with SOUL, without which it would be nothing, nothing for which it was worth living. Today is a beautiful day, the sun shines and the blue sky is following on less beautiful days. I will enjoy the day and my soul will also indulge in beauty. The soul, it will also exist beyond the years, political events, catastrophes, fates and statistics …. I am thankful for my soul. © ewald apperle


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