Time thinking

Time thinking. The days, months and years pass, it seems like lightning fast and still faster. The desire for life away from the hustle and bustle, for experiencing beauty and freedom together increases with each passing day. Savoring the much-quoted sweet life together. Laugh, love and life, satisfy your longings and savor the fire of desire. Passion instead of frustration and joy instead of anger, less worries and more time, time for yourself, time for the really, important time for life. You cannot buy such a valuable commodity as the lifetime is, and you cannot even determine the period of the lifetime. Dreams, wishes, so many. Time is so little and life passes. So little time for loving, laughing and dreaming, passion and tenderness, nobody knows how much time is left. And so, I think and dream of time and not good and money, truly living is what matters. © ewald apperle


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