Once again great longing

All day today I only have you in my head, no matter what I do, you are everywhere in my thoughts. I have such a longing for you, I see your face, your incredibly beautiful eyes in front of me. Your eyes, that I love to Look into, that I lose myself in. Oh, you would only be here now. I could whisper tenderly in your ear that there is nothing better than holding you in my arms, feeling you. Your lips, sensual, your kisses so sweet, as intoxicating as wine, oh you could be here. Would kissing you now everywhere – could smell you, touch you, seduce you. I send you my thoughts, my passion. In my dream you come to me on the wings of longing. © ewald apperle (text from the book Time Of Life, (only in German), Zeit…. ISBN 978-3-03830-319-0)


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