A mountain full of love.

A mountain full of love.

A mountain full of love for you.

A source of tenderness springs up high on the mountain.

A big heart is pounding inside the mountain, just for you alone.

The sun at the top shines when my hand touches you gently.

The rock hard and firm, leaves no doubt about the love for you.

The wind carries my longing down the mountain slope to you.

When we are together, the updraft carries happiness from the We.

When I think of you, the summit wind ignites passion day and night.

The mountain of love defies all evil, also time, in its soul love for eternity.

A mountain full of love for you and endless happiness when we are together.

© ewald apperle ((excerpt from my book Mee (h) r der Sehnsucht, („More“ of longing), not currently available in English, … ISBN 978-3-07103-3957-8))


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