Despair. Sometimes the longing despair sprouts in me, it spreads inside me, robs me of sleep and tightens my chest. My heart, it beats, seeks to hear yours, in unison and united, but it cries. My thoughts are around you and how you are, how your heart beats. It is the fire, burning in me because it knows your love and warmth, it blazes with longing and heavy my heart because I am not with you, cannot be with you – until when? I miss you so much and it hurts if I haven’t seen you for so long. My soul desperately longs for yours, the time when it hovers against the sky with yours. I also miss your body, your skin and your fragrance so much to touch you, to feel your body experience this bliss together, this time of wonderful togetherness. Despair gnaws at me, the longer you are away from me, when it gets too big, I close my eyes and dream to you. Try with my thought to reach you, your soul, I whispered in her ear that you are my love and belong to me, because without you, I am only half of the beautiful whole of us. forever, As long as I live, I will drink from your love and give you mine, despair will only subside when I can kiss you and stroke you. I am yours! (Preview, project III/LL…) © ewald apperle


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