The end of human freedom in 2020

Why I’m here? Why have I been in this world for well over 55 years? These and a lot of other questions have been going through my head since early morning. It may be that it is once again particularly intense today because personal circumstances are currently affecting my psyche very much. There was the ex-wife, she wrote me emails asking for more money (maintenance payments) and then three years ago. I will probably need a lawyer again. I keep asking myself why a law is invented by people that other people who work and are already enslaved – I have to explain how I understand that: everyone who has a passport belongs to a state, as a sign of slavery, not like before, brandmarks, neck, ankle cuffs, etc. The passport is used to confirm who or what state structure you belong to and to whom you are a subject. Certain freedoms, of course, have been invented in modern slavery, but have been restricted and determined by laws, mostly under the pretext that it ultimately only serves your own protection. In the reality, there, is only greed for power and the money invented for it. There are people and people in the world. So-called global citizens also exist, especially in the top tier of rulers (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Trump’s, Warburg, Morgan, … and other “slave-drivers”).

World citizens of the „lowest class“, those who live on the street do not belong to any group and nationality, cannot travel and marvel at the world. Well back to my starting point, in addition to being a slave people with a few freedoms, a law of the self-proclaimed righteous now determines that I am now towards a special person, namely my ex-wife, as long as she lives a large proportion of my income that I get for my work, have to pay monthly and in advance because she was married to me for 15 years at the time of the separation. Our daughter, (the best of this relationship), was of legal age at the time of the separation! The woman „very healthy“ and able to work, both physically, mentally and age-wise! With the verdict: guilty, (there is hardly anywhere else), it was sealed by law and alleged justice. For me: end of my future planning, restart, etc. The judge’s words: it could also be the other way around, the woman would then have to entertain me monthly, I still find it amusing. I think that was probably the same kind of judge as the one of Pilate, when he went to a bowl to wash his hands innocently, because after all „others by law“ wanted it and he had to hold it to execute.

For more than 2.000 years, people learn nothing, nothing at all when it comes to power and interests.

At that time there was „one“ who brought up a kind of „insurrection“ (I call it today more than more eyes for what is really important in the world) and who made his opinion known to the people, who told the truth. People should be people and not greedy and hurtful. Eating and important a roof over your head to survive must not be a privilege of a kind of „rulers“. Share instead of take, give and give love and live. For these statements, which the rulers naturally viewed as incitement, the man had to logically die. There were many others who tried it or something like that, but always with the same outcome. My thoughts have wandered away from my personal again, but the only thing left to say is that, in addition to being, a slave to the state *, I have now also become a „service provider“ for another person. Slavery and religious service are not mentioned in the constitution because, of course, there is no such thing! On the contrary, it is explicitly prohibited! And yet, there are both in full, that’s a fact!

* So far, I wrote the lines in the fall of last year.

Meanwhile, an almost ** uniform worldwide enslavement is underway (COVIT-19 is the CODE name for this), behind it are the F.E.D with a J.D. Trump, programs like N.e.s.a.r.a and G.e.s.a.r.a, a new banking system QUANTICO or world order, my dear fellow human beings, you have been chosen, since now „Heroes of the Couch“ saves people by doing nothing crouches before the propaganda channels and let you even more and finally enslave! The basic laws in all countries around the world are changed in such a way that you lose the rights hard-won by our ancestors! Your freedom will be completely taken away from you! Sure, you are allowed to work again, you even get after the alleged COVIT crisis, when the new world domination – world order while you were heroes, at home in quarantine, money – yes your beloved money will come back, even a basic security for everyone, everything is getting better, the world is getting better after Corona! ONLY – watch out! The much money will be of no use to you, the cost of life will rise and rise, you will not make it despite the much money! Didn’t you wonder where all the money suddenly comes from? Every state can put together billions of packages to “fix” everything for its slaves after the alleged Corona crisis. Why don’t you wake up? Why don’t you think? Why do you only fall in love with this new idol god? In 2050 you will live in plastic boxes, away from work, this is home for slaves!

The countries of the world are all changing their basic principles due to the „pandemic“, (pretext), so that all of this can be written beforehand and make even more possible!!!

Our rights are gone! Our freedom is gone! It would not be too late if we showed them, not with us!


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