Walk on the 2nd meteorological spring day

Walk on the 2nd meteorological spring day. In mother nature, where people do not design their hands, winter still does its “job”. The grass is not green, but brown, yet no shoots dare to emerge from the earth. Very tentative new shoots announce themselves on branches of bushes and bushes through slight bumps and color gradations, hardly visible and yet there. You don’t see much yet, but you can feel – you smell it, spring is near. It already tingles in the nose, the first trees send their pollen with the wind on the trip, soon you can see something new and fresh. The cycle of mother nature begins again with new life and shows us with its splendor, the nature of great power. Every year anew…. (Excerpt from the book Sea of yearning, ISBN/EAN978-3-7103-3957-8, currently only available in german © ewald apperle).


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