In the dark night

In the dark nigh. In the morning, when the fog and the dark give way, the bright light of the new day, the sun brings me your message; One day closer to the reunion, time can pass faster. But in the end, she comes back, the dark night and shows me her power. Longing for you and your love, just to be close to you, accompanies me again under black fog in the dark night. The pain clutching my heart tightly until a look in your eyes makes it soften; Night and fog and a sunny day follows the dark night. It is gloomy in me, if the longing so big, find no meaning, cannot think of anything but you, would like to do so much and experience with you … (Excerpt – fragment of text, from time of yearning, Time of Passion, Time of Love, Time of Life, © ewald apperle, ISBN 978-3-03830-319-0)


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