When I feel you

When I feel you, I lose the feeling for the Time. When I feel me deep inside of you, I would like to stay there forever. I love you more than anything I know, and I desire. And I want you forever, I could never give you away. When I touch you, I am closer to heaven than ever before. When I look into your eyes, only a thought in me, why are you not my wife? When I feel your skin against mine, your warmth warms me like the sun. When I feel you, my heart gets wings and together with you … (Text fragment from the time of longing, time of passion, time of love – time of life © ewald apperle, ISBN 978-3-03830-319-0, originally written and printed in Austrian dialect)


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Schriftsteller, Hobbyfotograf, Naturliebhaber, Sport, Musik, leidenschaftlich in Allen was ich tue ... Writer, amateur photographer, nature lover, sports, music, passionate in everything I do ...

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