Food for thought

„Certain people“ can well rule with fear of forcing power, amassing money and other wealth, but they can in no way manipulate the nature of man, not extend life beyond the intended time, none that is meant to go – stop. This „shoe“ is, without exception, far too big for all the mighty of the world! No matter what damage they do or what they try to become „almighty“, death will also happen to them, if this is intended. Death is just because it knows and makes no difference. The powerful are blinded, obsessed with power and greed. Majority of peoples are afraid – this is the cornerstone of their power.

In my own world, up there in my head, only I „rule“ there, there is no brainwashing or extended torture for my thinking, I am an independent being in thinking and acting, I am part of nature in and with whom I am live. I’m not afraid, birth, life and death are natural processes of nature that keep recurring. © ewald apperle in April 2020


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