Heroism 2020 and by-products

Covit-19 and heroism. Were previously known: Antihero. National Hero. Superhero. Hero of work.

The antihero comes from the literature, in short, they appear sympathetic due to their weakness.

The national hero, historical and political processes are hidden from the historical picture of a society and reduced to a few factors.

The superhero, on the other hand, a fictional character with superhuman abilities, protects the good and punishes the bad, impresses with extraordinary courage and noble character.

The hero of the work comes from the former DDR and was a state award combined with a cash bonus.

Ah yes, I remember that sometimes I heard the statement: you are such a hero to me!

So, there is also the hero, „you are such a hero to me“. Now suddenly a new type of hero appears: a suitable and correct name for the hero (s), because they are entire races, for me it is precisely the reason for this pondering.

The media pushed the slogan from the beginning: “we stay at home”, “we are heroes” and “we save lives!” This brainwashing has immediately removed any patches of doubt and common sense from majority of the population, if you can stay at home instead of working and still be a hero!

Brainwashing is ongoing and in all media, no matter whether TV, social media or print media and everyday heroes are also constantly being presented (the phenomenon would also have to be analyzed), all of these heroes cheer each other, in the intoxication of heroism, so to speak, “ cheer each other on and follow the instructions of the, yes, what do we actually call „the“? (another question).

I never wanted to be a hero, but I have to make it clear to admitted crowds that I already liked the fictional heroes as a boy and also a hero from the past, e.g. Andreas Hofer, his struggle with the Tyrolean nation for freedom and various others Heroes of history, but neither has anything to do with the current situation.

In the past, the heroes mostly died for what they did and helped or changed the story for the sake of others, which brings me back to the “COVIT-19 Hero”.

I can’t think of a suitable hero name, I don’t want to offend anyone, so I stay with:

“Everyday heroes” and them: “we stay at home – heroes”.

Let’s wait and see whether and how these “hero types” will appear in Wikipedia in the future.

I beg your pardon for not mentioning the female front in front of every word or as a possible ending, of course everything is primarily to be thought of as female and only then as male. (But not for Islamic, male migrants, here a donkey is worth in front of the woman). Today’s image of society – this addition is because Europe is more, or less governed by women in the leading position and the secret migration of predominantly Islamist, young men associated with the virus is another „virus“ for society. But this is a fact of its own. …

p.s.: for me and many others, the numerous brainwashing cycles, including those with fabric softener and other, various additives, do not even spin several times, which can wash out „spots of individuality and freedom“. (I hope to be a likeable antihero because I can’t match the superiority of the true hero (s)).

Written in the „?Republic?“ of Austria with pandemic status in April 2020. © ewald apperle


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