Worldwide disaster. The sun shines almost mercilessly every day from the sky, the precipitation of the last four months is not close to the term rain, the temperatures are rather cool but not cold, somehow this weather is abnormal for winter and now spring. There is a strange, almost oppressive atmosphere in the air.Today, after days of abstinence from TV and radio, I switched on regional radio in my office, the first was not very surprising to me: a paid advertising campaign by the government, which says: it is new and unfamiliar, but if I stay at home ‚then I save lives with it, it comes from a woman’s voice over the loudspeaker. The advertising is not out yet, so I have already switched off again and am doing my office work.In my head, however, this topic, the corona Lie, as I call it from the beginning, is omnipresent. Incredible, I think for the umpteenth time that the state brainwashing runs and runs and runs! Stay at home my people! At home you are a hero and a lifesaver! And stay healthy!Ha! Stay healthy, I have not heard that for a long time, it is just to puke for me!A whole, normal flu wave, like every year and suddenly the whole world is upside down! The governments lie and betray those who paid and voted for them! The, majority of people are afraid for their lives! What madness! The economies of entire nations are being sacrificed to a supposedly modified and mutated flu virus, the consequences are already catastrophic and will only get much worse.People no longer recognize the real enemy, do not recognize the actual virus that brings death. COVIT-19, a flu virus of many.There is a human being on earth and he has other such people around him, they play with the world, they can buy you anything that has a price, but forcing the world population to get vaccinated is really fun!It goes without saying that accumulating even more money and power!I am appalled that despite real data and facts, citizens are unable to think and stop this absurdity by means of democratic means such as protest.Citizens‘ rights and freedoms are officially abolished without generators, surveillance and police-state methods are used, and citizens are locked up at home!Jobs, companies, livelihoods perish! Stay home, be a hero, save lives …. MADNESS!Fear and advertising create greater solidarity among people than the will to freedom.So many people gave their lives for freedom, this freedom is now sacrificed to blind faith (parallels to the Middle Ages, where people were governed with fear by nobles and the church are NOT accidental) – with one difference:at that time, few people could read and write or do arithmetic, had no education … and today? I am starting to think that the Pisa-studies are going to be awesome, how else should this collective, apathetic, blind, not self-thinking crowd „have“ formed?Own opinion? No, why they already know what they are doing, also fear for life and they already think for us, it will be okay somehow.It sets my neck hair-up, I’ve already experienced it in my „discussion attempts“ with the neighbors. It is not a good thing that I have my own opinion and a different one than the „herd“.“Herd immunity”, also a word, from Corona jargon. The herds seem to be immune, to have their own will against freedom and against it, to believe only against flu, if they want to be vaccinated, that will surely please one gentleman and his entourage.I, have to worry, have to think, constantly have to get additional numbers, data and facts, be interested, look for the truth. The ridiculous statements by politicians such as: we will have to live with that is like a punch in the face! No-well, we are already living with the flu anyway and sometimes a lot or very few people die, depending on – only so far nobody has wanted to vaccinate the whole world and our representatives have therefore not ruined the economy … -these two approaches alone, should also give people who are used to others caring for them a food for thought that something should be questioned …That doesn’t happen, or only to a very small extent, and that makes me sad and angry at the same time!I could „tap my fingers“, but it’s too much text anyway actually, I can make a key statement in a few words (quasi formulas):Power = creating fear + brainwashing (works better than ever these days)Knowing is power, knowing nothing makes subjects.In the spirit of freedom of expression in a democratic constitutional state, I allow myself to record and publish these thoughts!© ewald apperle, April 2020

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