Sunday, morning

Sunday, morning. Sitting here with a cup of coffee, everything is still quiet, everything is still asleep. The cats are taken care of, sitting outside on the balcony and watching their fellow species, as they are traveling in the garden on quiet paws. The birds give concerts and today you can see a beautiful dawn in the blue sky, together with the snow-capped mountains and the already green valleys a beautiful staging of nature. I think of you, think what it would be like now if I could share this with you. It would be twice as nice, I think. The clocks tick otherwise it’s quiet, tick-tack, tick-tack, I hear how time flies as it flows. No excited children’s voices, no Easter bunnies hiding, no good morning, was the Easter bunny already there? Just silence and the ticking of the clocks, thoughts, questions and daydreams and a cup of coffee. Easter Sunday, another one, I think so with me and how it has changed, from being a child to now and here. Once again, I imagine how it would be now, dreaming of me, dreaming of you, kissing you and hugging you as time goes by. A look at the clock tells me it’s time, dreamed out! another coffee and over to the office, I still have work to do, I miss you! © ewald apperle, extract from project III/LL


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