The night is over

The night is over, awakened with sweet dreams of you. I thought of you when you fell asleep, of kissing and cuddling, your skin. In a dream you were next to me, lying in my arms, your head on my chest. I stroked your hair, felt your breath so wonderful. And so, I fell asleep with you, to be happy with you. The dream was so beautiful of you and me, we went hand in hand and looked into each other’s eyes. Talking, Laugh and Kiss, the butterflies in your stomach. It was so nice, the night goes by quickly, it gets light outside and I wake up. You were here with me in thoughts, I send a lot of love and morning greetings with my heart to you. Extract from my book Mee (hr) der Sehnsucht, ISBN: 978-3-7103-3957-8.


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