Sometimes I dream

Sometimes I dream, with my eyes open while doing things, but I don’t notice what I’m doing because I’m thinking of you. I think how nice it would be for us two now. We could look into each other’s eyes, knowing that we trust each other blindly, we could kiss us, taste the sweet taste of the lips and skin, with tender touches on our faces and feel warmth and closeness. The breath in unison, unites soul and body, a quiet you, you I can feel you so well, it is wonderful, you`re the one! So, my thoughts are with you, with us, while everyday life goes its „way“, things will be done, are done. © ewald apperle. Extract from the time of love, time of passion, time of tenderness, time of life, … ISBN 978-3-03830-319-0, (currently not available in English)


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