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On the occasion of the current situation and the so-called Corona crisis – which will only go down in history as a really serious but purely economic crisis due to fatal – wrong action by the politicians, of course I have thought a lot about it, tried to give food for thought to break through global – media brainwashing for the „cause“ of politicians, to move people, do question critically and to remain logical. To look at facts and figures matter-of-factly and then decide for yourself where the truth lies. I know, in today’s world, reading, especially of long texts, only resonates with very few people, most of the people prefer audio-visual messages from television and other channels. I purposely do not use the new „Denglisch“*, at least in the language I want to maintain our culture. (If so, I always write the texts in English, for international understanding …). It will be an „installation“ with printed boards on a later Date, in advance I use it digitally on social media and of course on my own website. (* Denglisch means the mix from German (Deutsch) and English)). © ewald apperle More on my page under Kreativ-Eck – Aktuell / creative-corner – updates


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