The word for Sunday for citizens who still think independently and are able, to act. May 3, 2020

It started with a global wave of media announcements and pictures of people wearing protective masks. Numbers of dead people were mentioned, and a virus called COVIT-19 or Corona, which was mutated and killed people. A grandiose staging on the world stage of the media, in which the majority, of people believe everything they proclaim to conquer these people. You have to say that this category of people has all their knowledge of this media and everything that this media tells them is at face value, be it that it is about politics, about opinion formation, advertising etc. everything about these new ones and omniscient gods are believed. One has deviated from the true belief in God, in mankind, indeed one has forgotten, even belief in oneself, one’s own ability and judgment is placed under the bushel of the internationally active media, like children who obey their mother, hang so these people at the words and images of the media controlled by politicians and powerful people of the world, glad not to have to think for themselves anymore, as it seems, glad not to have their own opinion anymore, glad all knowledge about the new around the clock Getting idols injected is much easier and ingenious, so you know when to be afraid, when to be locked up, when to avoid social contacts, when to stop celebrating like Easter, when to stop without a muzzle or a visible sign of submissiveness on the street, when you can expect the police to go to your own apartment or can come from to punish, to control, it is a simple life, one is vaccinated, chipped, constantly monitored by apps, receives a standard salary and a standard pension, there is a minimum guarantee for everyone and everyone is together on a fenced pasture like the lambs, with the same mark, eat the same grass and bleat happily when chewed. A nice picture and easy to reach, after good preparation of the new gods, people believe them, their messages, which they reach day and night through all channels, even accept their own isolation, applaud the measures and supposedly required conform in sacrificial lamb manner. Bravo! It, has to be recognized enviously how simply the implantation of fear, measures and the willingness to make sacrifices to the freedom of people by means of the, almost to say technology of global manipulation works. But it is no different than it always was when evil stretches its claws towards people! False pictures and lies, disguised as serious information. Brainwashed by constantly chewing on alleged dangers and spreading fear, fear of death.Truly it is a sad word for Sunday, the sisters and brothers who are with me in their spirit understand what the word, what these words mean, those of you who are already poisoned to the core and have strayed from a true belief by this I mean all recognized, religious communities and also all people who do not belong to any of them, but believe in themselves, in nature, but especially in good.We may and do not want to sacrifice our life, our freedom, not this new one, however we name it. People have always struggled for this highest good, ultimately always successful and always succeeded because we pursued and achieved our goal as a unit and with cohesion.All, of the government’s actions aim to separate us, to make ourselves alien, to make ourselves slaves without a soul and our own opinion in order to achieve their satanic goals.With everything I can do about it, with like-minded people, with you sisters and brothers, I am ready to continue to defend our humanity and freedom and to follow the right faith.This word for Sunday is not a sermon, I’m also not a clergyman, but I believe in the good, in the victory of the good over evil, and I believe in myself, as I also believe in my fellow human beings in spirit. In this sense, I wish you a lot of free and beautiful thoughts, closeness and warmth in the family, love without distance from each other, nice conversations and exchange of ideas, beyond lies and political power thinking, dreams and just a happy Sunday. © ewald apperle


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