Heavy heart.

Sometimes my heart is as heavy as heavy as lead. Sometimes my heart is torn, and I cry. Sometimes I feel so lonely and alone, you can be so lonely even if you love. Sometimes I would prefer not to be, my heart would not be heavy, not torn and I would not have to scream. But again, such a day begins with leaden hearts and I ask: why is my heart so heavy? Why torn, lonely and empty? The answer is not far, I just want to be with you, at all the times. Longing tears my heart, thoughts fill my heart heavily, your picture in my head. My heart is pounding wildly. The longing and the passion, I want to you, but you are not here. My heart is torn and as heavy as lead, I long for you, your tenderness. You alone can heal my wound. You can give me wings again to float away with you. My heart would no longer be heavy if I could experience that with you now. My whole body, my soul would shake with happiness. © ewald apperle (excerpt from the book Zeit der Lebens, Zeit…. ISBN 978-3-03830-319-0  currently only available in German)


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