Resignation. It is, as it seems, hopeless, even though so many clever keywords say that it is never hopeless, that there is always a solution etc. my thoughts, this morning after my brain tried to understand everything again in the early morning. Resigning is not normally my thing, but this banter and the superiority of the paid media and corrupt politicians, the hearing and seemingly capable of thinking, whether the fear of death, which will happen anyway and certainly at the time when it is predetermined, this enormous power of fear, skillfully used and constantly fired by the so-called representatives of the people (traitors), with the support of most of the media, leaves me in no doubt, or no hope that I, as an individual, will be efficient against this Wing of this giant windmill can successfully fight. It seems to me that, like Don Quixote, I will fight it one day. One thing was clear to me from the very first day: looking for information, comparing it, getting statistics, official documents about, for example: virus classification, etc., all of this just led me to make these announcements and threats from the start as part of a as I have to admit, it is still not open to me, the plan of people who are certainly power-obsessed. Since for many years there has been no “classic” television for me, because I have come to the conclusion long ago that the media intentionally and largely send wrong information, advertising has always turned me off, and I in principle of all the messages that I still heard (in the car, with friends, etc.), do not accept more than ten percent of the truth, only if I am interested and I have obtained and compared information about them, then make them I have my own opinion on the subject. For me, preconceived notions, reports selected by the media or politicians fall into the influencing category and are always critically examined. It is a kind of protective function that makes me do this, because all too often in my life, I have found myself in situations that I could have saved because of wrong facts, announcements and lies. Of course, my opinion for others is often not compliant since it is usually not the same as the mass and of course I can be wrong. In this case, Covit-19 has official data and facts that cannot be disputed, and yet politicians and the media make the facts out of the facts by picking only parts or fragments of, what they want, namely to spread fear. For me it is not as frightening as the fact that the masses of people do not question this before they are afraid, the statements of these, for me, evil people (a nice quote from Sir Charles Chaplin: who needs power is up to evil, everything else works with love …), just try to understand: where does this one number come from? Which part of which statistic is this number? etc. I have always tried to lead my fellow human beings to the possibility of their own research and opinion formation, so that fear can take a back seat and power blocks the way. In this whole Covit-19 pandemic staging, I find it extremely questionable what happens to people’s freedom, how they are dealt with, how hesitant, if any, we humans are willing to live our life, our freedom and the future defend. With these words and lines, I now end my public comments, which are in the micro range because of their reach and the chance to catch „free“ ears and hearts. In any case, I will continue to represent my opinion in the form of my physical presence at democratic events and of course question everything critically. © ewald apperle

Rathauspassage Innsbruck

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