COVIT-19 a comedy in X?-files

COVIT-19 a comedy in X?-files. This time I don’t want to look at this topic from an economic, ecological, just a little bit from a political point of view, I don’t want to describe any consequences or numbers etc., it is a purely philosophical view from my personal perspective.

It is as it is and what it is, it is a production, the „ruling class“ of the present, the current world.In the course of the so-called globalization, along with the increasingly blatant digitization and very importantly, the unequal distribution of wealth, those „handful“ people, probably out of the delusion of being able to buy everything and / or every woman / man.

Otherwise there is nothing left in the world at the moment that you could not have, but to be God and to determine life and death, if you „grant“ life, then only according to your own rules, but above all this life becomes for people in freedom and one hundred percent controlled! These wealthy individuals are therefore able to buy anything and everything, this is particularly easy for politicians, as has always been assumed in the context of the presumption of innocence. With the purchase of the people ’s representatives, who thus become traitors to the people and with the simultaneous purchase of officials from the WHO, the amusing play with fear and power could certainly be for these gentlemen (fear has always been and is still the best remedy for rulers or Dictators, institutions, megalomania and insane despots), the nice thing for those „anti-humans“ is the fact that they can accumulate even more wealth.

In contrast to the „games“ of previous epochs, this time another form of fear and the execution of measures and oppression was chosen, just in keeping with the times. After you already know a lot about the habits, wishes, dreams, purchases, yes, information from all areas of life of the „standard people“ in the context of digitization. The information is given voluntarily, or questioned in a hidden manner, because ostensibly „false“ data protection and human rights would prohibit this, the data is of course confidential and only for internal use, as a basis for measures to further enrich himself, and was very useful. So, you have a tool in hand that makes people „glasses“.

The second „mainstay“ for the submission of the peoples of the world is, besides the fear of a flu virus that has been highly stylized into a killer virus, the media power, which together with digitalization, represent a perfect instrument to fully rule slaves, their death or life . For the control of most people currently living, there is no need for a chip, it works with the radio waves and visual news from TV, radio and other media, these, I would like to say, already in the knowledge of this project, bred people, have the property principally news, so-called, state television stations, news channels, government-related print media, etc., to believe everything that is sent in information – printed.

In school already, what is important for politics, for controlling people is consciously taught, no more knowledge is conveyed than necessary in those eyes that then rule over these people.It is the most perfect slave system in the world so far, most people believe to be intelligent and free. Both apply only to a limited extent and to the extent that most of the people do so that the existing intelligence has been precisely controlled and promoted to a limited extent and freedom has in fact been given, or only to a limited extent, it already ends on their own property.

In this staging, however, we also thought of those people who do not indulge in media, propaganda or fear, because they are still able to think for themselves and want to do so, the freedom of thought, the search for Truth, self-research, having an opinion, saying an opinion and standing behind it, and much more – see it as your greatest asset and fight for it.These people are, so to speak, with the already existing instrument of fearful, obedient and unfree people, constantly trying to suggest that they are guilty if they do not „voluntarily“ take part in the large, (apathetic), masses, yes, these people would be the bad guys. A deliberately skillful and deliberate twisting of the facts, which gives the impression to those who do not want to hear and see, who cannot or do not want to think for themselves, that those who recognize the facts and facts recognize fear as unfounded and fighting for their freedom are the threat while the true anti-humans continue to play this game to achieve their goals!

When these human rulers of the „ruling class“ officially and without saying a word speak of decimating the world population because there are too many people in their eyes to sterilize, poison, kill, force-vaccinate with highly toxic and genetically modified vaccines, to irradiate, to control. Reality, all the facts, including the future of children and grandchildren, are barred from the collective of people who fear for their own life, nothing is heard, nothing matters, only their own self. The sign of slavery is well-behaved, almost worn with humility, and it`s nonsense is defended by all means! If you are yourself, yes, it is so important, the constant sprinkling of these people with slogans as you are important, love yourself, look at yourself, give yourself something to come … Please do not be angry, but one of these thoughts strikes me Name for this people, which reads: „Ego-Stupid-Deaf-Humanoid“.

It is because of the many people who certainly exist in this world who recognize the truth, who think for themselves, who are the people who move, who make and who, as in the history before this production, will again be the ones who ultimately prevail. This ulcer with its metastases will also be removed, I am convinced!

I once wrote:

only death is just!

It is certain that he will overtake all of us, even those who rule!

At the beginning I wrote: …. the current world … and I would also like to conclude: The lifespan of *Kurz, *Anschober, *Kogler *Blümel or Merkel, Bill Gates and what they are all called is far less than a moment after „earth time“, including mine and yours! However, this does not release anyone from their own responsibility, that of the offspring, as well as towards animals and nature! © ewald apperle (* Austrian and German politician)


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