Thunderstorm Night

Lightning is hunting, illuminate the cloudy night sky and the light flickers through the skylight, bizarre shadows flickering in the room. No, it goes through my head, they are not figures with long fingers and it is also not a dream, followed by thunder, rolling, dull and dark with powerful pressure, the windows of the windows vibrate, it is briefly quiet, it the ghost seems to be over. Suddenly rain pours down, thick, heavy drops knock on the window lightning, and thunder all night long, the raindrops recur melodically in concerts knocking on roofs, windows, and walls. Dawn, it is already getting light and there is still symphony in the thunderstorm, only the shadows give way, the morning light, the bleaching.Gray and black the thunderstorm night and the day is shining and there is no color, only little light, no sun, no blue sky in sight. When the thunderstorm was violent in the dark night, I thought of beauty, of you, and dived into the sweet world of a dream, slept soundly and contentedly, even if lightning flashes constantly illuminating the room and the waters of the sky like my longing, flowed like a river full of tears. © ewald apperle


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