Prayer, again the conspiracy

Oh God! Please help us in this time of greatest need. People need you now more than ever. The dark covers the world with her black cloak! Oh God!, look at us and help us, the dark litter the world with fear. Oh God! help us in this need, the dark rules and rules with injustice and lies. Oh God!, please help us, the dark will enslave us and our children. Oh God!, please help us, the dark will decimate your creatures as it sees fit and make inhumane experiments on your creatures. Oh God!, the dark pretends to be God itself, even your human representatives here on this earth, in your church, are part of this vicious conspiracy against you and us, your creation. Your agents propagate the lie in your homes. Oh God!, help us before it’s too late. Oh God!, I come here to ask you to save people, do not allow your wonderful creation to be sacrificed to evil. We are guilty yes, yes we are, oh God!, but still we pray to you in humility and we ask your forgiveness. We know about your great love and grace. Oh, god please help us! (ea)

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