COVIT-19 (My) an answer to many thoughts and questions such as also:

…. Why are those who have recovered (in Austria) no longer deducted from those who currently tested positive? The number can only increase cumulatively!

What about the asymptomatic patient? Why do they have no symptoms? Are they even those who tested false positives? Why not, do a double test like with HIV or doping?

Do you want to inflate the matter on purpose?     Why?

…. My answer: We, have, to fight back now! Now! Otherwise, this „planed pandemic“ will destroy all of us, democracy must be restored, those responsible must be brought to justice and everything must be worked through precisely, even before the 2nd lockdown and, above all, before the summit in Davos, where the new slavery is discussed who will represent the new power, (order), as the ruler of humanity.

This human, unworthy „spectacle“ must be ended by all of us with the utmost determination. It cannot be that 2 to 3 thousand people, over 7 billion, rule and act as „God“! Only, human freedom has produced great things, not slavery and not the annihilation of people leads to lasting success!

Only, free people, are able, to make humane and future-oriented solutions and further developments. Power, Money, and other, spiritual „abnormalities“ end in the finitude of every living being, including that of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other „acquaintances“ from this lodge!

I was born free in a democracy, have always made my contribution, tried, and really did my best and now this inhumane arbitrariness. A virus, a metaphor, has the effect of media propaganda on most people in such a way that their brains are „paralyzed“ or manipulated in such a way that there seem to be no more sensible thoughts. Past, similar epochs with 1000-year-old „Empire Founders“ or other such constructions would go green with envy! I don’t want to step on anyone’s „feet“, so far, an open discussion with different opinions has always been desired and effective in all areas. Discussion and own thoughts about „solidarity“ should no longer be allowed in a „new reality“? Dear fellow human beings! One or two thoughts are enough to see what is really coming!  Resistance is here definitely, an obligation for me here! My conscience and my knowledge do not allow me any other alternative. Ask everyone around you to really think, question, and check the facts! ewald apperle

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