I feel poetry looking into …

I feel poetry looking into your eyes, which are like a deep, dark and mysterious mountain lake. In which the mountain peaks and the passing clouds are clearly reflected. I sink into it, immerse myself in a mysterious, beautiful world, lose myself in the depths. I would like to stay there forever in this magical and wonderful place, listen to the silence and look at the pictures, let everything flow through my veins, tender thoughts, warmth and joyful anticipation. Longing keeps me trapped at the bottom of the lake. I drink from the delicious water, passion sprouts in me and like waves spreading from the middle of the lake against the shore. A fire of desire burns in me in the middle of the lake. The elements rage in my chest, longing, love and lust, water, fire and air. At the bottom of the lake the earth. How much I want you The wind gently kisses the lake, small waves ripple, mirror images slightly distorted and yet clear, recognizable the light of the stars in the night, shining on the surface, like the shine of your eyes when our eyes touch, shine – seduce. The desire to feel the other. Without a word, the look into your eyes makes me feel the unexpected, makes the fountain of poetry flow in me. The moon, shining brightly, looks at itself in the lake and watches this poetry all night, until in the morning the sun gently kisses the lake, like my soul, also warming and shining, penetrates deep into the depths, as if through your warmth and love. (Excerpt from: Time of Longing, Time of Passion, Time of Love, Time of Life ISBN 978-3-03830-319-0) © ewald apperle


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