If only I had known….

I did not know that if I had already known at the time what the consequences of the measures against the (alleged) pandemic are causing people and that so many millions of people have to die, making them even more sick and suffering for a lifetime , to lose their freedom and dignity, had I known that beforehand, I would not have participated in this deception of humanity.

I only did what everyone else did, believed that the new world order was the right thing to do, believed those who promised everything would get better. I only took the money because everyone else accepted it too, I didn’t think anything of it.

I was blind, believed the wrong people, believed the evil, it was easy, the mainstream media and all politicians, doctors, virologists, even the people themselves, wanted it, wanted this vaccination, wanted willingly to follow the mainstream, wanted as a sign of Wearing so-called solidarity masks that damage their lungs wanted to believe in the deadly virus, which usually without symptoms and also brought fewer deaths than, for example, influenza. The metaphor of the killer virus COVIT-19 was staged perfectly, even I wanted to believe in it!

Few people have researched, questioned everything, and presented irrefutable facts that the measures against the virus are inappropriate and in no way proportional to the disease. These people went unheard for a long time, they were even defamed, denounced and punished by the authorities for trying to open the eyes of their fellow human beings and to bring them closer to the truth about the virus and the background using facts and logical thinking.

I didn’t know at the time that this virus attacks our brains more than our respiratory tract, I didn’t notice how the belief in this virus „eats into“ our heads, how it eats our humanity and the ability to listen to people who think differently, including theirs At least to accept opinion. Whom is the fear of an alleged killer virus good for? Who will benefit from it? And above all: what about people, my fellow men?

These and other questions, I should have asked myself, would have fought earlier, fought with those who have already found the answers.

I did not know that an RNA vaccine causes such damage to people, I did not hear the critics, on the contrary, I also was convinced, like Mr. G., that we all have to vaccinate people with it, that collateral damage is simply a part of it and not important. The age of digitization has dawned, the age of the new world order! It was firmly cemented in my brain and immovable.

To accept people as collateral damage, yes, I admit, just with these thoughts, would I have woken up, had to, would have had to think, would have come to my senses and try to prevent it, I didn’t have it and now? Until recently I was part of this crowd, was someone who advocated everything without questioning, went along with anything the state authorities wanted, even denounced my neighbors, insulted people without a mask and presented them as „threats“ as the media claimed , excluded friends because they did not participate in the mainstream, in the new movement. I was blind, social contacts were disgusting to me, what the mainstream published on TV, radio and magazines, figures, reports, – everything ate right into my brain. Now? I am alone, have lost friends, lost relatives, have grandchildren who are mentally ill and friends and neighbors who have long-term physical damage from the vaccination. We don’t talk, we don’t shake hands, we stay in our houses, we all get money from the state, no matter what we do, our apartments and those who still have houses, everything is seamlessly monitored. With the chip that they implanted in us, the new world order keepers can track us down, control and manipulate us. I am complicit, through my behavior and “doing” I have made myself directly and indirectly guilty, guilty of the suffering of so many fellow human beings, guilty of the destruction of the future of our children and grandchildren. I was a follower who had given up his humanity and individuality like many others in history before, this is not an excuse for me, on the contrary, another guilt, because knowing what happened before and the suffering and the Injustice that overtook humanity at that time, I should have done the right thing from the start and recognized the evil.

The digital age, if humanity survives, will go down in history as one of the darkest ages of humanity. If I had, yes, the words: would have and I and I would have known. – that this all happened, I would have acted differently, would have listened to my own mind.

(Visionary thoughts of an imaginary person in the year 2025 after the new world order and the digital age „arrived“ on earth in 2021. © ewald apperle)

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