Digital financial fascism, rule of fear, slavery

The age of digital financial fascism, coupled with medieval fearful rule, is spreading its cloak over the earth. In the hood of the coat is the head of the disaster. It is a risen ghost and this time it is called, NWO. This brain is haunted by wild notions, about rulership and domination, about power to decide the life and death of people, which already happens when people refuse the necessary help because the capacities are „needed“ to maintain fear, about to be or not to be, in an existential sense, about digital slavery and mass manipulation. Control, by degrading mankind to chipped living beings, like the animal kingdom!

Injustice is declared right, and the lie declared the truth. Skillfully manipulated and acted on several levels, so that in the end the goal of this perfidious ruling society will be achieved even with the help of resistance. Anyone who knows the „Mill Game“ knows only too well what it is like, when their game pieces are destroyed one after the other by the opponent using a double or triple mill. A small, elitist circle that wants to exploit all of humanity and subjugate itself sits in the head, in the hood of this coat. Every means, be it inhuman cruel and deadly, is right to achieve the goal. A previously incomparable approach that is being staged and promoted for the first time, worldwide and at the same time, with the help of digitization. A financial crime, as well as a crime against humanity of unimagined proportions, has been going on for almost a year and the head will not rest until its goal is achieved and humanity is at the mercy of evil!

The propaganda works very well, many of the people cheer the hypocritical welfare measures of the corrupt politicians in the governments, long for extremely questionable and inhumane measures themselves in order not to get into the „mill“ of threatened sanctions, or they believe in the killer virus, who lacks the most important thing, namely the millions of dead that prophesied. No matter what fear, the fear of dying or those of sanctions, or those of the economic decline that will be inevitable for the middle class, these people parry in the sense of the NWO, in the sense of the rulers.

With these „mills of fears“ the sick spirits grind incessantly, and more and more people fall victim to the grinding process. Corrupt politicians and traitors act like pied peoples, together with their voluntary, obedient officials, policemen, teachers or people fear for yours Job, about their existence, even the medical profession is largely silent about its members, nothing with the oath to be there for the good of the people, nothing with noble resolutions, they are gone, existential fears about job bans and other sanctions – all those People in the clutches of a “snap-snap” mill, as we called them as children.

The jacket, or rather the „multiple mill“, works continuously: open – closed, open – closed, … the grinding is started!

If there are only a few pieces left (in the game there are three), then as a last resort you can “hop” to stop the mills doing their “in this case fatal work”, so to speak, to lock the wheels.

The longer mankind waits in this situation and continues to believe the rulers, the more likely this “game progress” will be brought about.

A certain number of people represent these three tokens, they resist, try to enlighten, against the almighty propaganda, try to defend their most important good, their freedom and the freedom of humanity, it is a difficult fight, one of which you even have your fellow human beings, those you fight for, as opponents. The propaganda of the governments around the world, give their obedient and dependents with the synonym of solidarity the instruction to denounce, to betray and to expel!

At this point, I hardly understand humanity anymore, despite the fears that seem to compel it, history has already taught us several times what happens when we cross such borders and we all never wanted to do it again!?

I can now for a long time and in detail, write my thoughts from my soul, but everything really, important is already in the text, in conclusion, one thing is crystal clear for me, I am one of the pieces that try to stop the mill, it there is no other way if I want to remain a person, because without freedom I am no longer a person I was born free to be.

To all those who also do their own research, recognize the truth, and want to see it, please join the resistance, for the future of our children’s children, children, and ourselves! Don’t let yourself be persuaded that we need this „new“ age! Logical, we need progress, but this is a step backwards into dark times with new technology, the top priority must remain with everything humans as inviolable living beings! We know from the past what happens when people are degraded to numbers and „things“ and are called inevitable victims of „progress“!

Last, but not least: the too secular church is silent and even participates, solely to ensure that it maintains its own power, the essentials are missing, belief is missing! © ewald apperle

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