Review, like every year?

It’s like always, like every year – no not this time!

Since the beginning of the year, people have been trying to do something very, perfidious in almost every country in the world.

Superficially, people “work” with fear of a so-called killer virus and newly set, lowest limits for a pandemic, under this guise flourishing economies are destroyed, jobs, livelihoods, and the future of our children as free citizens of this world.

„The Grand Reset“, a plan with „plandemic“ by global corporations and bought Puppet politicians, pave the way for the new age talked about by those super-rich and powerful – the digital age. However, this age only serves those who already have more than enough. Every day around eight thousand children die of hunger worldwide, only a few people care, we have been living with deadly diseases that have been incurable to date for so long, only a few people care. Why?

There is no advertising, no brainwashing for it, no money is used sensibly for it, money, namely the money of us citizens, is more or less “thrown out” for the destruction and enslavement of the citizens. Hypocritical care, brainwashing every minute via the so-called mainstream media, or in truth, the propaganda broadcaster of the bought governments. In one sentence: under the guise of health, the democracies of the world are turning into dictatorships in which one hundred percent control, enslavement and even genocide in the name of a „solidarity“ implanted in the human brain? and a feared humanity, as in the Middle Ages. “One can control all peoples with fear!”

The real reason is, of course, as every year, that these anti-humans are becoming even more powerful and richer and even the power over life and death does not seem to be sufficient for them. Incidentally and completely subordinate, this year was, what work, family, or the „ups and downs“ of daily life, a year, like every year, only „the shadow“ – this shadow of the decline of previous values, Freedoms, and Future prospects, „this shadow“ blocked most of the hours of sunshine of the past year, held them back.

It was a year in my life that I have never come close to experiencing, as a free, innocent person, I was, like so many others, locked up, ostracized, ridiculed, and constantly threatened with punishments and reprisals. But I am not a follower, not an accomplice, not a quiet sufferer or dodger. The, truth, free thoughts, and words, made and still make my life worth living. Bondage of living beings is never in the spirit of our creator! His son himself stood up for freedom a long time ago and died to enable people to live free.

I have only one wish for the New Year: May people awaken and see the truth and not believe in lies, not allow themselves to be deceived by those who serve the Antichrist. True faith helps us get back on the right path. A fair, peaceful togetherness, free thoughts, free life and thus a piece of happiness and a fulfilled life for all people in the world. © ewald apperle

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