On January 1st, 2020 we were in Innsbruck

A culture of fear on a geopolitical level is a short but very, accurate statement about the year 2020!

On January 1st, 2020 we were in Innsbruck to take part in a rally against the government measures. The rally, because I had canceled it, became something that I almost no longer believed in, it became a union of citizens of all strata and age groups who „walked“ through Innsbruck together without the dictatorship of the mask, without banners and panels, (because there wasn’t a registered rally), Tyrolean women, children and men, Tyrolean with a migration background, Swiss, Germans were also there and the attempts by the Antifa to disrupt a „stand rally“ at the “Anna Pillar” were unsuccessful because And I am just as pleased as the fact that responsible citizens come together to protest against the deprivation of liberty, the destruction of the economy and existence, the destruction of a prosperous and functioning state, the citizens in uniform, the police, this coming together of free citizens supported in the form whose slogan we all know: Your friend and helper! Not any groups or sects or associations met for this „New Year’s Walk“, citizens with.: peace, freedom, and no dictatorship chanting, as well as: KURZ must go! made known and will do their will, it is simple enough! PEACE – FREEDOM and NO DICTATURE! Our Tyrol, our Austria, should not be destroyed by the henchmen! “Men, it’s time” (Mander es isch Zeit!) – over 200 years ago we ended Napoleon’s dictatorship in Europe, now it is a matter of preventing new dictatorships from being established and the people who oppress the citizens!

Please watch this film (was broadcast live on You tube), this film gives us the hope that, despite the progress of the oppressors, we not only preserve our freedom, our peace, and our democracy, but can and will also strengthen them! Long live Austria! Long live democracy!

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