Star times

Star times. You can only be with me for a few hours, I can dream with you. I call this time star time. Star time because during this time the unattainable becomes possible, because a dream comes true, as if one could grasp the stars. When I feel myself deep inside you ‘, I lose my footing. Float weightlessly between the stars, longing is then light years away, I am very close to the sun ‘without burning. I never want to miss to know you, to spend this galactic time with you and to fly away on Cupid’s wings. The whole universe then belongs to you and me, the infinitely wide galaxy becomes a WE. But star time passes all too quickly and longing takes its place. But there is a next time and until then all the memories of common star times and thoughts of the indescribably beautiful, the source of life. Star time is time with you, time for two. (Excerpt, text fragment from the book Mee(h) r der Sehnsucht, ISBN 978-3-7103-3957-8, © ewald apperle)


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